I see you. 
You are a magical human that craves a deep, real connection with your angels.
You’ve been around the block and have been taught some serious lessons by life.
For some people, that’d be enough to make them zip up and close off, but for you…
You have a feeling there's another way.

You want to open up your intuition so that you can:
  • Know once and for all that the angels have your back
  •  Build insane confidence, so that you can finally trust your connection with the angels and create your dream life.
  • Evolve your heart, mind, and soul to its highest vibration so you can feel strong, confident, and receive divine guidance for your unique soul mission
  • Rock your spiritual power and awaken your gifts so you can help yourself, your family, and even others.

Are you ready to blow your own mind?

Look, I know more than anyone how hard it is to navigate the chaos  and  murky waters of life. Especially right now. 

My life used to be clunky and hard, but I learned how to trust my intuition with the help of the angels, and it was a real game-changer.

Over the years I have supported tens of thousands of people to reawaken their spiritual gifts.. It’s one of my biggest passions. And right now, the Angels are nudging me to help you too.

Even in a world that seems chaotic and uncertain, you can THRIVE. But like all of us, you are going to need some help, and it all starts with accelerating your intuition.

It's like Hogwarts for adults!

In this 3 hour virtual training, you will discover:
How to quiet your mind with the help of angels, so that you can hear, feel, and/or see angelic guidance more clearly.
How to discern true intuitive guidance from false guidance, so that you can bypass the psychic noise, and capture true angelic nuggets.
How to receive clear angel messages and intuitive guidance for yourself and others so that you can blow minds with your psychic awesomeness.  

New angels to work with that will help you cultivate deep trust in your visions and connection with the angels.

A powerful angel activation and initiation, to help you channel higher levels of angel frequencies.
This will be fun and provocative experience!
Training with the Angels

Join Corin Grillo for this 3 hour intuition activation training
Training with the Angels
Instant Access!
Here’s what some folks have had to say over the years about my Intuition trainings:

"You taught me what it means to be led by spirit. THANK YOU. You not only impacted my life, but the lives of 2,000 others!"

Toni Gahn-Black

"Corin has brought so much joy into my life! I'm definitely not the same person who began this course."

Sandi Hartz

"There are no words to express how truly grateful and blessed I feel! Thank you for being you! Thank you for connecting me with such amazing, beautiful people! Thank you for guiding, teaching, and lighting the way. I'm going to call you my yoda."

Kate Lousley

"Thank you Corin. You made me normal and whole again... I've been teased my whole life and I suppressed my gifts that I have always known I had... YOU gave me hope and inspiration. You and the angels and guides... I now get to say that I had the best badass teacher ever."

Lynn Fay

Hey there, I’m Corin Grillo.

I am trained psychotherapist, angelic channel, educator, spiritual instigator and #1 best-selling author of the book "The Angel Experiment."

I came out of the “Spiritual Closet” in my psychotherapy practice several years ago after witnessing a miracle that was sooooo MIND BENDING AND EXTRAORDINARY, that it changed my life forever.

This intense spiritual awakening led to my discovery of profound intuitive and healing abilities that, at the time, I had NO IDEA were inside of me.

Since that day, I have been committed to teaching others about the profound magic that lives inside of them and how to set it free with the help of the angels.


I am new to intuitive work. Is this for me? Heck yes it is! You may be new to intuitive work, but we are all born with spiritual gifts. All you have to do is take a little time learn how to flex your intuitive muscles. That’s what this Intuition Training is all about.

I already do Intuitive work. Will this help me? Yes! We will be doing angelic attunements which will help you become a more clear channel for angel frequencies.  Plus, gathering in groups like this AMPLIFIES the energy.

Can I ask questions along the way? YES! Ask away! My team is always available at

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It's time to step out of the sidelines of your life and step into your power!

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