Casa Condor Retreat
4-Day In Person Pilgrimage
with Corin Grillo, psychotherapist, author, healer & teacher
July 25-28, 2024
Are you feeling disconnected from yourself or your life?

Craving a deeper sense of purpose, mystery, and healing?

 You know that nagging feeling that something is missing or that there's got to be more to your life, even when life is pretty dang good?

That's because there is more.

Mount Shasta is one of the most renowned spiritual epicenters of the world. For thousands of years folks have trekked across the globe to come witness the extraordinary healing miracles, enter into ceremony, discover the vortexes, pray, and receive amplified communion with the benevolent spirit world.

 Rumored to be a portal for powerful angelic beings, bigfoot, UFOs and so much more -  let me say that these rumors aren't just true, they are understated. And if you know me, then you know that I'm not a bullshitter. 

Lean in to what I'm about to say:

The Great Spirit, the angels, and the allies of this land don't have their own fingers, so the best they can do is have someone like me write this invitation to someone like you, and hope that you say YES to it, if this is your time to come.


Want to know what a retreat is like at Casa Condor?

 Well, what would you want out of a retreat? Or even better, what do you really need?

You see, joining me at Casa Condor isn't like going to a retreat at all. It's more like going on a pilgrimage, the sacred ancestral practice of journeying over long distances to sacred mountains and places in order to pray, do ceremony, heal, and realign with the Great Power, to uncover the beauty, joy, peace, love, and power that's readily available all who heed the call.

Here at Casa Condor the whispers of the angels, ancestors, the land, and even the animals grow louder to help you get clarity, let go of suffering, and come back into balance and wholeness so you can get powered up to rock your life and your purpose.

In our blood and bones, our angels and ancestors are calling more of us to rediscover the old ways of thriving. In order for humanity to thrive, we have to rebuild the authentic bridge that was stolen from us between the earth and the spirit world. So that folks like you and me can lighten up, free ourselves from all the mental stuff, and relearn how to live from the heart.  

There is potent medicine within your spirit. It's time to reclaim this vibrant force so that we can experience the real beauty and joy that life can offer...and mostly so we can share these blessings with others.

We focus on making real connections—whether that's with your angels, ancestors, and the other allies that are trying to make contact with you but maybe the responsibilities of your life have slowed ya down. But please, don't take my word for it. Keep reading.... 

Check out what Romy Keegan, dancer, teacher & creator of Dancing Our Magick, has to say about her recent pilgrimage to Mount Shasta!
Just a wee list of what you can expect to receive at Casa Condor:
- Peace, clarity, wisdom, rejuvenation, and an open heart.

- Nature-immersion and shamanic practices to help you embody your spiritual power and realign with the potency of nature.

- Accelerated intuition and healing power.

- Authentic relationship building with your angels, ancestors, and other divine allies that are supporting the next-level of your life.

- Personal Healing and Channeled messages by Corin and her badass team.

- Lots of laughter, ridiculousness, and fun.

Corin doesn't hold back in these retreats. She channels the medicine from the land and offers it generously to folks that Condor Spirit brings there.
"The retreat with Corin at Casa Condor was the best experience of my life! Corin teaches from the heart and is kind and caring. She has an authentic connection with Creator and is fearless in her teachings. She strives to help each and every one reach their fullest deepest potential and connection to creator. I chose the camping option and it was awesome. My tent was cozy and had the best morning views of Mount Shasta and a tiny space for my own solitude when I needed it. The mystery of the mountain did not disappoint after dark!!"
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Heather M.
Why Casa Condor?
California Condor spirit  comes to this home to work powerfully with people like you on this sacred land. And yes, it is sacred. It is a vortex of its own. And we have already seen so many miracles happen.

This land, the angels, and the the Condor are calling the right people to come experience that which has mostly has no words, but we try anyways.

In this home, it's our greatest hope that when you visit, that Condor Spirit  and the sublime Great Spirit, blesses you, eats away the old dead parts of you, the grief, anxiety, and suffering, so that you can remember your who you are, why you are here, and how beautiful life is when you stop resisting and let the good things flow..

The land of Casa Condor heals. And if you are in the mood for a some serious healing., support, and a wee resurrection,  then you should come. For sure.

Rebirth for Real
Along with the Angels, Condor medicine is known to gift humans a new heart, also known as a crystal heart. The crystal heart offers childlike openness, playfulness, joy, clarity, buoyancy, profound and fresh new perspectives, and a hell of a lot of laughter.
This gift from Spirit happens every single damn time.
The retreat at Casa Condor was total magic. I received such deep healing and teachings from Corin and the land that I am finding myself still transforming. When I left Casa Condor, I felt like a whole new person, with deep soul connections with the people I shared this time with. Corin's channeling of Condor is so powerful, it lifts us all and helps us shed away the layers that don't belong to us. Corin is a beautiful channel of deep truth and joy.
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Amber M.
In life, you have experienced unspeakable grief, sadness, and pain over the years. Often for generations. Yet, you white knuckle through it and stay strong for your loved ones, children, clients, colleagues, friends, animals, and/or your communities.

Many folks are holding on and are suffering silently and alone. But you don't have to do that anymore.

In our intimate time together during this pilgrimage, you will finally get the chance to do less talking, less care-taking, and do more listening to the whispers of spirit, and receive more support, nurturing, and healing.

Big lives and big dreams require big support.

That is one of the many powers gifts of retreats at Casa Condor.

Find peace again, connect with like-minded folks, and rediscover the sweet nectar that's inside of you by letting go of the old ways of feeling, being, and thinking.

Power, pause, purpose, prayer, peace, and play. That's what we do. You in?

Your Retreat Itinerary
Day 1 - 3:00 Check-in, 5:00 Dinner, 6:00pm Opening Ceremony and Orientation.

Day 2 - Mountain and Land Medicine: The transformation begins, we'll stop talking and start listening.
  • Explore and embody that natural potencies of the angelic beings, the sacred healing mountain, and nature itself.
  • Discovering, channeling, and coming into closer communion with your invisible allies, including the angels, your ancestors, the animals, and the land.
  • Learn ancient cross-cultural shamanic practices that empower your heart, mind, spirit, and life.

Day 3 - Sacred Plant Spirit Sacrament and All Day Prayer Ceremony (plant medicine is optional)
Hosted by The Awake Community Church, in which co-Luminaries, Corin Grillo and Mandi Stevensen Facilitate.

This day is full of deep prayer, offerings, intention setting, healing, and detoxing from old stories and trauma. Communion with nature and the heart are at the center of these days.

Sacred planet medicine will be offered during this day, BUT IT IS only OPTIONAL. Many go just to have a personal vision quest in nature, without the medicine and still receive so much from being held in such a safe, sacred, ceremonial space.

During this ceremony Corin will be also offering healing sessions and channeling for participants.

**Both Corin and Mandi are trained psychotherapists and are also trained as psychedelic therapists. We hold safety and sacredness as primary elements to our circles.

***Corin and Mandi also train other psychedelic facilitators on how to hold safe, sacred, and also, trauma-informed space through their facilitators program, so please know, we take hold these circles in the highest standards of safety and care.

Day 4 - Integration
  • Journaling and mapping out your learning. Creating action steps from the teachings and lessons that you received over our time together.
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Brunch 9a-10a
  • Check out is at 12pm. 

We recommend spending a few days touring the region as well.

**Casa Condor is located is near Weed, California. Exact address will be offered after face-to-face interview with Corin.
Your Investment

 Early Bird Pricing! Choose Your Level:

Offsite - Find Your Own Nearby Lodging


All Meals
Casa Condor Gift Bag
All Work Sessions

Onsite Camping - Sleep in the Great Outdoors

$1450 bring your own tent
$1500 use a provided tent cot

All Meals, snacks, and all-day coffee/tea bar
Casa Condor Gift Bag
All Work Sessions
        No worries about driving back and forth from the property to your hotel
        Carpool option - We can help you find carpool buddies when possible
        Get full access to the house all day, including our indoor bathrooms and showers
  Shampoo and soap in our indoor bathrooms

Does NOT Include:
Sleeping bags, pillows, blankets
(If you need these things we can offer them at an additional fee)

Bed inside Casa Condor - 2-3 people per bedroom

$1950 Early Bird Rate
Stay in one of our air-conditioned cozy, animal-themed rooms
All Meals, snacks, and all-day coffee/tea bar
Casa Condor Gift Bag
All Work Sessions

No worries about driving back and forth from the property to your hotel
Carpool option - We can help you find carpool buddies when possible
Extra easy access to bathrooms
Towels, Shampoo and soap in our indoor bathrooms
PLUS 1/2 of your tuition will be tax deductible in the US because it will be sponsored by our registered non-profit nature-based church, The Awake Community!
***Please note all accommodations will be prioritized based on the order of payment received. Payment plans are available. Prices shown are for pay in full and include a 10% pay in full discount.
I'm In!
This retreat was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I connected and spent time with part of my soul family. I underwent intense changes. I enjoyed every minute!!! Corin opened her heart and her home, and took us under her wing. Thank you, Corin, for creating such a special, safe and nurturing space.
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Karen D.
How Important are Pilgramages?
For thousands of years, all of our ancestors understood that gathering in sacred community on sacred land to pray and perform ceremonies helped their families and their communities thrive.

The same is still true today. It’s always been true. It’s just that many of us have forgotten how to thrive this way. There is so much beauty and support when we learn how to work with sacred land and sacred mountains to bring the most magical, incredible resources and opportunities into our lives.

The only question is, are you ready to remember?
Join the July 25-28 Retreat at Casa Condor!
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Hey there, I’m Corin Grillo.

Many of you know me simply as an angel Ambassador.

I am also a licensed psychotherapist, a transformational leader, international best-selling author, Soul Reader, Intuitive Business coach, and on the Casa Condor land, I become even more of myself.

My work at Casa Condor will reveal deeper layers of who I am and how I generate power to heal, to manifest, and to shift reality towards more beautiful outcomes.

I weave a combination of psychotherapy and shadow work to teach you how to heal from the root using ancestral and plant medicine. I teach you how to align with powerful natural forces like the earth, the sky, and the mountains (real magic).

Casa Condor and the land it is on is a portal to help you open to the love of angelic beings, the power Mount Shasta, and the protection and resilience of the California condor. They all work together to help you listen more deeply to your soul, transform your darkness and heal from the root so you can remember who you are and hold your highest vision for your life. 

When I am there I see so clearly who you are. I see your medicine. And it’s time for all of that medicine to flow, because we need your medicine, all of our medicines, so we can make beautiful love potions all over the world.

Here's what some folks have had to say about their experience at Casa Condor with Corin...

"A retreat with Corin is an experience of healing, a coming together in community with other like-minded, gifted human beings, and ultimately a gift to yourself to know your power. When I left I felt rejuvenated and grateful for all the blessings I received and the friendships I made."

Denise B.

"I felt welcomed and accepted immediately. Everyone was deeply committed to the work, trusting Spirit and their personal guidance to get exactly what they needed. The setting was supportive and conducive to accomplishing the highest and best. Magic!! "

Valarie B.

"Corin thank you so much for sharing your journey, your experiences and your spiritual practices with us. You are a perfect spiritual facilitator. You create a beautiful sacred space to allow Spirit to teach us.I had very deep learning and growth at Casa Condor. What I loved about this transformation is that it was gentle and with lots of sweet energy. I was enveloped in the wonderful energy at Casa Condor down to a cellular level and I can still feel it in my cells and energy field. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Renee L.

 "This retreat was absolutely transformational!!! The energies present on the land immediately help you release the densities that are hanging out in your energy field. As soon as I stepped onto the property I had a sudden release of the grief that I have been holding onto for too long."

Linda G.

I want you to let go, to remember who you are even more deeply, so that you can lead your life not just from your heart, not just from your soul, but directly guided by the Angels and Spirit. This is my highest vision for the work that we will do at Casa Condor.

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Our team is passionately committed to creating and maintaining a culture of total inclusion and connectedness. We recognize that we are only able to thrive as humans when all cultures, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations are able to freely express themselves.

We are unwavering in our allyship. We celebrate and welcome humans from all walks of life with open arms.

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