Decolonizing Angel Communication
Reclaim your birthright — including gifts of intuition, divination, prophecy, and healing.

 Embody your mystical nature, reclaim your ancestral heart, and create powerful communion with your angels, ancestors, and earth allies.

For generations, communion with angels, ancestors, and earth allies has been branded as taboo, demonized — or worse, co-opted as “new age” culture and intertwined with toxic positivity and make-believe.

And, because of religious colonization, most of western culture has been cut off and uprooted from our ancestral lineages, our spiritual practices, and our lands (regardless of culture).

As a result, many have forgotten the teachings of our ancestors and have forgotten our deeply mystical nature.  A nature that’s rooted in creating authentic and direct relationships with nature, animals, and with our cosmic brothers and sisters, the angels, the ancestors, and other divine allies.

In fact, mysticism is the original religion… and it’s embedded in our DNA.

Mystical practices like ritual, communing with angels, prophecy, divination, and magic are the cornerstone of how humans have thrived for thousands of years even in the harshest conditions — and during these unpredictable times, they can show us how to thrive.
Within your DNA, our Creator and your ancestors have gifted you mystical abilities for guidance, direction, resilience, and healing — for personal and collective evolution.

These stolen teachings are reemerging, as human consciousness begins to awaken from its long spiritual slumber.

Your ancestors knew how to be in an authentic relationship with the Divine. They knew how to receive clear guidance and how to produce true miracles with Divine support. And  all of this good info is right inside of you, coursing through your veins, and coded in your DNA.

Exploring your mystical nature is essential. Opening your spiritual abilities can help you enter into sacred and very real communion with the angels, ancestors and other allies.

In communion with the Divine, you can access the exact solutions you need, through the ancestral imprints in our spiritual DNA, and you can find the deep source of love, support, and joy that is truly your birthright.
If you know me, you know I am passionate (feverish even!) about getting folks connected with their angels and their spirit team.

I’ve designed this uncensored hour to address some of the toxic belief systems that have robbed so many of us of an authentic bond with Spirit and unfiltered access to our intuitive gifts.

I’m passionate because I know that our mystical gifts can lead us out of deep suffering and open our hearts again to ourselves, to others, to our mission, and to life itself.

Our mystical nature is our biggest blessing and the angels are ready to come closer to show you even more about who you are and what else is possible.
Here’s what we’ll explore together during this uncensored hour: 
How angels and ancestors communicate with you, and how you can take your “angelship” to the next-level
How to reclaim the power of prophecy for your own guidance and healing
How this time on earth was foretold by many cultures all over the world pointing it to a time where humanity undergoes a huge spiritual awakening
How to deconstruct the toxic myths and superstitions about communicating with angels, ancestors, and earth allies
How to reconnect to your indigenous nature and the earth to embody the stolen gifts of intuition, divination, prophecy, and healing
Plus, you’ll discover the secret mystical ability that holds the key to your authentic, ancestral nature.

Connecting to the Divine and embodying your mystical gifts are essential for addressing and healing the issues we’re facing today — as individuals and as a global family.

This is how humanity comes back into balance. You in?

It’s free to join!

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Hey there, I’m Corin Grillo.

I am a proud Chicana and Puerto Rican mother, a licensed psychotherapist, author, visionary leader, inspirational speaker, and proprietor of the Casa Condor retreat center in Mount Shasta, California.

I combine my intuitive healing gifts with my years of education in traditional psychology to provide a safe, yet immediate pathway for others to experience miracles, the truth of Divine support, and the profound power of their own Magical and Miraculous Minds.

I offer in-person and online trainings in authentic spiritual leadership, nature immersions and intuitive healing arts. I've dedicated my life to sharing the life-changing gifts I received while learning to work with the angels.

 What students are saying about Corin:

"There just isn't a word to express how much gratitude I have for Corin... My life is completely different than it was when I first did this program and things just keep getting better!"


"Not only are my heart and spirit DANCING - literally and figuratively - in joyous expansion and outrageous up-leveling through Corin's rock solid insights, wisdom and knowledge, but my material and professional well being are dancing too! My life has shifted in unimaginable ways since coming into contact with Corin's playful party ways, and I AM forever changed. Thank you Corin for seeing me and believing in me, and helping ME to see and believe too!"


"Holy shit, even the replay of this program was mind- blowing!  MAJOR shift and discoveries. Corin, I am blown away by this work and your authenticness in delivering it. Thank you!


"I began this training hoping I could learn to work with the angels and heal my physical ailments. What I received was far beyond my expectations. I learned to fully trust my angels and my own self. I learned to love myself, love the little girl in me, learned to love all around me unconditionally and be of service to others. This training has revealed my darkest fears and limitations and taught me to transmute them into my own personal power. I am a renewed soul since joining this training and I am forever grateful to Corin for this fantastic, angel powered, kick-ass program!"


"I used to be depressed, my body was full of disease, my home was filled with despair and in total disarray, but no more. Through Corin's teachings, I can honestly say “I Woke Up", now each and every morning I awaken with gratitude for my life, my family, and most importantly Love... Love for ALL that is."


"I love this program so much. It has up-leveled me more and faster than anything else I've tried! Corin's guidance is so on point and I am bursting with gratitude!"


There's never been a better time to follow the guidance of your lineage and reclaim your ancestral power.

You ready? 

Our team is passionately committed to creating and maintaining a culture of total inclusion and connectedness. We recognize that we are only able to thrive as humans when all cultures, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations are able to freely express themselves.

We are unwavering in our allyship. We believe love is love, Black Lives Matter, and women's rights are human rights. We celebrate and welcome humans from all walks of life with open arms.

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